We have 100 acres with trails you can hike that is close to your cabin. Feel free to fish or swim in our pond.

Hocking Hills State Parks

Old Man's Cave

Old Man's Cave State Park

The most popular of all the Hocking areas is Old Man's Cave, located on S.R. 664. Here at Upper Falls, the Grandma Gatewood Trail begins its six-mile course connecting three of the park's areas: Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls to Ash Cave. This same trail has been designated as part of Ohio's Buckeye Trail as well as part of two national systems.

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls State Park

If one were to venture down the Lower Gorge of Old Man's Cave, you would eventually enter the picturesque valley of Queer Creek. At the point where Old Man's Creek merges with Queer Creek, the trail takes an abrupt turn east and enters this new valley. The trail leading to Cedar Falls passes through the most austere area in Hocking Hills.

Ash Cave

Ash Cave State Park

In the southernmost reaches of Hocking Hills is Ash Cave - beyond doubt the most spectacular feature of the entire park. Ash Cave is the largest, most impressive recess cave in the state.

Conkles Hollow

Conkles Hollow State Park

Conkles Hollow, situated off S.R. 374 on Big Pine Road is a rugged, rocky gorge - considered one of the deepest in Ohio. The valley floor is a veritable wilderness covered by a profusion of ferns and wildflowers while hemlock, birch and other hardwood tower overhead. The growth is so thick in places that little or no sunlight reaches the deep valley floor.

Rock House

Rock House State Park

Rock House is one of the six major areas of Hocking Hills State Park - Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, Rock House, Conkle's Hollow, Cedar Falls and Cantwell Cliffs. Each of the park areas offers a unique experience for those who walk its paths.

Cantwell Cliffs

Cantwell Cliffs State Park

Cantwell Cliffs is located in the northern reaches of Hocking Hills - 17 miles from Old Man's Cave on S.R. 374. Its remote location discourages visitation, but those who travel the extra distance will not be disappointed. Many visitors proclaim the Cantwell area as the most picturesque in Hocking County.

Lake Logan

Lake Logan

Lake Logan is located in Hocking County in southeast Ohio, just outside of the city of Logan. It was originally known as "Hocking Lake", but was re-named to better reflect the Indian heritage of the area and to avoid confusion with the Hocking Hills State Park and Forest. The 400 acre lake is ideal for fishing for northern pike, bass, bluegill, crappie, Muskie, catfish, and Saugeye.